Design Work

Snapchat Geofilters:

Made in Adobe Illustrator. The first filter was approved by Snapchat and still in use.




I worked within a template to design a new brochure for our Applied Science Dual Degree program, handling everything from conception to print.



These were two programs I designed on tight deadlines, using a blank template set up by our graphic designer. The first was for the Pittsburgh Asia Consortium (full program here). The Tom Talks program (full versionĀ here) was done fairly quickly as a redesign of a student-made brochure that needed to look more professional and go along with W&J branding guidelines.


Campus Digital Screens:

I worked with our graphic designer to create a template that could feature events and student stories. The dynamic and weekly fresh content earned great feedback from the campus community as well as campus visitors/prospective students. Check out some of the slides below.


*me having a little finals fun.



A sample of posters campus events, based off a template design from our graphic designer.



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