Design Work

Snapchat Geofilters:

In an effort to learn more about design, I have been teaching myself to use Adobe Creative Suite. As a testament to what I’ve been learning, I will be making projects for W&J to use. Starting with Adobe Illustrator, I made a Snapchat Geofilter for the College (with more on the way)!


I designed a new brochure for our Applied Science Dual Degree program, handling everything from conception to print.



These were two programs I designed on tight deadlines. The Pittsburgh Asia Consortium (full program here) was done first as a favor for a professor. The Tom Talks program (full program here) was done fairly quickly as a redesign of a student-made brochure that needed to look more professional and go along with W&J branding guidelines.

Campus Digital Screens:

To liven up our internal digital TV screens around campus, I worked with our graphic designer to create a template that could feature events, students, and campus visitors. The dynamic and weekly fresh content has earned great feedback from the campus community as well as campus visitors/prospective students. Check out some of the slides below.

*me having a little finals fun. Certainly no fomo thinking back to my last finals week.


A sample of recent posters for W&J campus events.


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